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Welcome to Central Florida Urology Associates

Urology is a specialty dedicated to the treatment of urologic conditions, sexual dysfunction and conditions affecting the reproductive system.

Target Audience
Our "Target Audience" is our current patient population and potential patients in the need of medical management and/or surgical intervention for any urologic, sexual dysfunction and/or care for conditions affecting the reproductive system.

Organizational Background
Central Florida Urology Associates (CFUA) was founded by the late Pedro Bachrach, M.D. in 1979. In 1983, the Florida Impotence Center was established to provide diagnosis and treatment for men with erectile dysfunction.

• Dr. Michael Friedman, F.A.C.S. joined CFUA in 1983
• Dr. Charles N. Witten, F.A.C.S. joined CFUA in 1990

The CFUA physicians have provided office consultation to an average of 7000 patients annually in the last 5 years (attracting approximately 2000 new patients annually) and an average of 48,000 urologic surgical procedures annually in the last 5 years. CFUA emphasizes sensitivity and discretion in the management and treatment of urological care while offering the latest urological diagnostic and treatment technology.

Diagnosis and treatment opportunities are provided in the management and treatment of prostate cancer, kidney diseases, bladder problems, vasectomy, vasectomy reversals, urinary incontinence and much more.

The Florida Impotence Center is considered a "center of excellence" for penile implantation and providing treatment options for people with sexual dysfunction. The Florida Impotence Center has supported Impotence Anonymous; a support group for people affected by impotence for over 10 years and established a local chapter in Central Florida. To better serve our patients, we offer a discreet and caring environment in which full diagnostic and treatment options are given.

At the Florida Impotence Center, we provide diagnosis and treatment of men with erectile dysfunction. Our physicians have performed over 600 penile implants. Our physicians continue to evaluate hundreds of impotent patients per year and are certified by the American Board of Urology and the Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons.


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